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Get fit Inspire others.

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Get fit inspire others.

It takes a lot of will to make a decision and start following a healthier lifestyle. FitPush provides tools, community and content which will help you to make it easier. Creating, Analysing, Distributing, Improving and following long term goals, has never been more straightforward.

Being consistent in reaching your goals means following the plan you made to achieve them in the right order. FitPush gives you the milestones you need to follow. It also provides methods to measure the progress towards your goals in real-time.

No matter how many times you succeed, you have to keep following the plan to progress further. No matter how many times you fail you stand up again. FitPush provides the insightful analysis of your efforts, progress and achievements. You can also reuse the content of the previous goals in order to build your new goals more accurately.


Promote behavior changing and collaboration on following an active and healthy eating lifestyle.